Meet The Designer
Gabriella Youssef

What is your background? 

I studied for three years and have a Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture from the University of Technology Sydney. During this time, I was a regular volunteer invigilator at Carriageworks.  

What made you want to get into interior design?                  

I have always had the ambition of joining the design field. Interior Design always seemed like a fascinating career that focuses on using space to transform the way people live.  

How do you tackle the design process? 

I like to tackle the design process by first identifying and understanding the goal. It is also important to brainstorm and collaborate to develop ideas. It is also a key step in the design process to gather feedback and improve.  

What do you love about your job? 

The ability to rely on my co-workers. We have a great team, and each member works hard, making it easy to work efficiently in a friendly and welcoming environment. 

What tile designs really get your heart racing? 

Terrazzo tiles are a beautiful feature to any design, they are an eye popping and bold feature to any colour palette. I think the terrazzo look is classic and has many advantages as they are environmentally friendly and versatile. They add a really interesting element to any design and have a timeless look.  

Tell us about your favourite selection? (did it surprise you? Was it bold? What did it include?) 

My favourite selection included a neutral palette for the base and introduced pops of colour in each room to differentiate the spaces. Each bathroom included a feature to compliment different family members and their style. It was surprising to see clients take the time to consider how they could make each room unique.  

What’s the most common question you get asked during a selection? 

One of the most common questions I get asked during a selection is advice on creating timeless spaces, a lot of clients are concerned with looking back at their selections and finding that their choices have dated and don’t fit current trends.  

What product trends are you seeing when it comes to tile and flooring? 

Natural stones are a product trend I have seen when it comes to tile ad flooring, they are neutral base that can be paired easily with other elements and provide any space with a timeless and elegant look.  

What colour trends are you seeing when it comes to tile and flooring? 

Mixed finishes and pops of colour are trends I have seen when it comes to tile and flooring designs. Mixing finishes helps create more dynamic and layered looks and splashes of colour bring life to the space and make them more distinct.  

If you could makeover your own kitchen, what would it look like? 

If I could makeover my own kitchen, I would aim for something timeless with a bold splashback, terrazzo or subways make for a great splashback tile that give a kitchen a nice feature. I also would lean towards gold accents for a luxurious and elegant look. I think that the kitchen is the heart of any home, with open design plans making kitchens central to residential spaces and an important design feature.