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Our vision is to be the best provider of supply and installation of waterproofing, tiles, carpets, timbers, laminates and window furnishings with in Australia, consistently delivering the highest quality customer service, products and installation. To be recognised as a company that truly puts customers first, with strong family value carried through the entire company and staff.

To us, it’s all about the people, the care factor we have towards our customers and employees and our vision remains the same; not to be the biggest, but to be the best. Our customer-focused approach means that we do not have the hierarchy of larger organisations, you can always speak directly to the owners of THYNK by Tile Direct if you need to and our employees are seen as part of an extended family.


Today’s home market is dominated by busy families and individuals looking for beautifully, maintenance free living spaces -THYNK’s tile selection is a blend of style, elegance and durability, in a variety of sizes, long-lasting materials, unique shapes,interesting patterns and vivid colours that elevates the décor of every room.

Modern tiles are suitable in a variety of environments with no worry of constraints such as water, stains and allergic odours. Ask THYNK about our versatile range of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, mosaics and more.



Ceramic tiles are a predominantly clay based material and in the context of floor and wall tiles, they are typically glazed. Glazed ceramic tiles are made up of a ceramic biscuit with a screen print design over the top.

Porcelain is in fact the most durable of all tile types, due to its raw material make-up and low moisture absorption. The durability of porcelain does however come at an average cost double that of its ceramic counterpart.

Natural Stone encompasses a beauty and elegance that is difficult to replicate. Natural stone typically is the most expensive of all tile types due to the difficulty of physically mining it from the earth. It also has future implications of its use, such as the necessity for regular resealing.

mosaics have been used for centuries as a decorative covering, generally composed of but not restricted to; small coloured glass, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal or a combination of multiple materials.



ABI Tapware – Exclusive to THYNK Orange.


For ultimate comfort and visual warmth to any interior of a new home, nothing beats carpet. It brings with it a softness and forms an excellent insulating layer to any room. From soft wool fibres to tough, hard-wearing stain-resistant materials, THYNK’s quality carpet flooring is available in a varied range of colours to provide the perfect flooring solution for any new home décor and


TWIST pile carpets have the yarn tightly twisted which strengthens the fibres and increases their resilience. This means the pile is ‘jumbled up’ more, so won’t show foot marks or traffic areas as much. They are the most popular type of carpet.

PLUSH pile carpets are the softest carpets. The yarn is not twisted as much as twist piles, giving the carpet an almost velvet appearance. This means movement in the pile (foot marks, etc) will give it a luxurious ‘crushed velvet’ appearance. This is a feature of the carpet, not a fault.

LOOP pile carpets are uncut, meaning the yarn comes out of the backing and loops back in again. A loop pile carpet is a very practical and hard-wearing style. There are two types of loop pile carpets; level loop and multi-level loop (also known as textured loop pile).

CUT and LOOP carpet is a combination of cut pile and loop pile, and has characteristics of both. When fibres are distributed at varying heights they create textures and patterned designs.

WOVEN carpet is categorised into plush or Berber. It is a traditional loomed method with patterns woven into the carpet, in the same way a traditional rug is woven. It is very hard wearing and is used mainly in commercial installations. Differing to tufted carpet piles.


Transform your house into a home with the warm and inviting characteristics of wood grain design flooring. At THYNK we understand that building your dream home is very personal and so our selection of flooring has been designed to cater to all tastes,materials, lifestyles and budgets. Our product range includes everything from laminate varieties, hybrids, bamboos, engineered timber and oaks and vinyls. THYNK’s qualified colour consultants are ready to help you find the perfect floor for your home.


LAMINATE is formed by compressing wood making it durable and cost effective. Laminate floors are not suitable for wet area installation and the floor surface cannot be steam or wet mopped. Too much water may cause the planks to swell/warp and damage surface coating.

In areas where incidental spills may occur, spillage should be wiped dry as soon as possible to avoid moisture ingress and possible plank deformity.

For heating and cooling, all mechanical systems must be compatible and comply with environmental performance attributes for laminate products. Internal temperature and humidity controls need to be aligned to match performance guidelines for laminate products.

WATER_RESISTANT LAMINATE is engineered to withstand topical moisture such as everyday household spills for at least 48/72 hours (dependant on the product). Still, if detected, promptly remove all liquid spills and never flood the floor with water.

It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop for regular cleaning. If necessary, the floor may be cleaned with a wet mop but avoid using too much water.

All wood-based products, even water-resistant laminates with their increased resistance, will react to the moisture in the environment and as a result will expand or contract accordingly. Although it has been designed for improved performance against water/moisture it is not waterproof and excessive wetting is to be avoided.

HYBRID flooring is highly durable and suitable for interior waterproof installations including wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry.

The properties of the Hybrid flooring make it perfect for wet mopping, maintenance and a safe choice for those not wanting to fuss over spills or cleaning methods. Composed of either a Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) or Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), Hybrid flooring fuses the best characteristics of laminate floating floor and luxury vinyl plank. Some additional elements are incorporated to increase durability, ease of installation and cost efficiency.

BAMBOO flooring is designed for internal use only, it cannot be used externally or in below grout applications.

We highly recommend to not steam mop or wet mop the floor surface area.

Bamboo is a natural product therefore expanding and contracting are inherent characteristic and are not considered a product defect. In some instances, expansion and contraction can lead to intermittent squeaking/creaking, although we go to every effort to decrease this by using a high quality underlay, this may still occur and is not seen as a defect.

ENGINEERED TIMBER and ENGINEERED Oak is a living material that will expand and contract in shape if moisture or humidity is raised and can shrink if moisture or humidity becomes very low. This is not classed as a defect

Natural timber is also affected by UV light and therefore will change colour when exposed for long durations. It is recommended to limit the amount of direct sunlight by using effective window coverings where flooring may be effected.

In case of any damage on the lacquer-surface, it is recommended to acquire advice and assistance from a qualified installer or specialist retailer. The product can be lightly sanded followed by touch-lacquering the damaged area. It is necessary to test the lacquer material on a left over plank or hidden surface to access the expected results. The warranty will not cover repairs undertaken without the distributor’s agreement.

VINYL is a man made product formed by combining synthetic materials and is categorised into sheet or tile flooring.

We advise cleaning the surface with a well-rung damp-dry mop. Never use an excessively wet mop. Avoid conventional household cleaning solutions and detergents, they are abrasive and will damage the surface coating

Avoid the use of rubber, latex or coco fibre mats as they are likely to stain or discolour your floor.

n case of any plank damage on the surface, it is possible to remove damaged planks by pulling up the surrounding area and refitting a new plank.


THYNK offers a range of quality window furnishings to suit the design of your home. Our window furnishings include plantation shutters, all types of blinds such as rollers, verticals, venetians, zebra, and panel glide blinds. We also offer VeriShades and a range of curtains to suit your décor. Our team of experts have collectively over 50 years of window furnishing experience. Our extensive knowledge, attention to detail and high quality products will ensure your window furnishings are the perfect complement to your home.

Plantation Shutters

Our shutters are beautifully crafted and the ultimate in contemporary design. They are custom made to order and installed by a team of experts. You have the choice of Ecowood, a hard wood timber, Basswood, Aluminium, or Fauxwood (PVC). Available in a wide range of colours including timber finishes, shutters can span wide windows and doors and can be configured with a bi-fold action, sliding on a track or as standard hinged panels. With a hidden rear metal tilt rod, and blades which are 63 mm and 89 mm wide, we can design and configure your shutters so that they complement the decor of your home. Our Fauxwood (PVC) can be used throughout the home with particular application in wet areas.


Our chain operated roller blinds come in a wide range of fabrics including full block out, translucent and contemporary sunscreen fabrics, which cut the glare but allow you to keep the view. We include a deluxe tube and chain drive systemas standard with all our blinds and offer an expansive range of trims and chain colours. Our roller blinds can be fitted individually (within the window reveal or face fitted to the window architrave) and are also available with a double bracket which allows for two blinds – a translucent/sunscreen blind together with a full block out blind.
We also offer Somfy hard-wired and rechargeable battery-powered motorised blinds, with a single remote for one blind or multi-channel remote control for a room of blinds. This allows you to lift and lower your blinds at the touch of a button. Somfy battery-powered motorised blinds do not need an electrician or painter, and motors only require recharging approximately every 3-6 months depending on frequency of use.
Our vertical blinds have new sewn in chainless weights, and we offer venetian blinds in timber, aluminium and polystyrene. Zebra blinds can be rolled up or adjusted to control for light and privacy. Panel glide blinds are a contemporary alternative to vertical blinds and can be customised to suit any sliding door.


With the softness and style of curtains but the versatility of blinds, new VeriShades are a contemporary solution for any window or door. The individual folds of fabric are both opaque for privacy and sheer to allow light into the room. They are adjusted with the turn of a wand and can be drawn back like a curtain.
There are no weights or chains, and you can walk through the fabric folds on a door and they settle back perfectly every time. VeriShades are available in a range of fabrics, colours, and tracking systems, and can span up to 6m. The fabric is soil resistant, can be taken down and washed and easily replaced. For more information, visit www.verishades.com


For those that prefer a soft window furnishing, we offer a range of sheer, block out and translucent curtains. These can be made with a traditional pleat design or contemporary S-wave. You also have the choice of hand or cord drawn curtain tracks or poles in a range of colours and finishes. Let our team of experts assist you with selecting a fabric and curtain design that will perfectly complement your home.