Meet The Designer
Sarah Chen

What is your background? 

I completed a bachelor’s in design, in Animation and worked in sales (Retail) for 3 years. 

What made you want to get into interior design? 

I have always wanted to design my own house from the structure to the accessories inside. Being able to visualise an idea and see it develop, is a delightful experience.  

How do you tackle the design process? 

I like to set core values that would create the baseline of what you want to achieve. Then layer your ideas/design on top. Stick to a colour scheme and do plenty of research. 

What do you love about your job? 

Being able to assist clients that have ideas of what they want to achieve for their new home, then being able to create a visual scheme to match. Also, not a single day in the showroom is the same -every client that comes through all have different taste and styles, which makes my job always interesting and exciting.  

What tile designs really get your heart racing? 

The types of the tiles I really adore is nice soft stone/marble tiles. I enjoy a more classic than modern home with marble/stone tiles + you can never go wrong with chrome, brass, or black finishing. There is a lot you can do around those type of designs and if you wanted to change up the room -it’s quite easy. A classic design to me always looks stunning now, tomorrow or many years down the line; forever timeless and fresh.  

Tell us about your favourite selection? (did it surprise you? Was it bold? What did it include?) 

One of my favourite selection was trying to assist a client to add touches of Hamptons to their home. Ensuring colour/pattern tiles would fit and work with the clients chosen vanity, bench tops and feature wall colour is always an interesting. We picked out different a sage patterned tile, then tried to balance it with soft warm grey/whites to accent the colours. Against the vanities and bench tops. It looked amazing, seeing the pieces fit together; so cohesive, yet unique. 

What colour trends are you seeing when it comes to tile and flooring? 

A lot of soft greys and whites for tiles, marble features, classic black butt flooring and with either warm grey or charcoal carpet. It’s a lovely, elegant look which goes well with a lot of vanities, bench tops and furniture.  

If you could makeover your own kitchen, what would it look like? 

I’d have big windows, a lovely long island bench with a light warm grey bench top + white/light wood vanities. I’d dress it up with nice pattern/abstract accessories and touches of small plants to give some pop of colour. Clean, spacious, and graceful.