Meet The Designer
Stephanie Harris

What is your background? 

After moving from Country Victoria to the NSW Coast, I first studied Interior design at the Wollongong Design Studio before moving onto the Australian College of Higher Studies, studying both design and Business.  

I worked for 4 years with Carpet Court Wollongong, specialising in hard flooring, carpet & window furnishings for new & existing homes, whilst also co-ordinating their Marketing and Image.  

What made you want to get into interior design? 

It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding! It’s something that I have always had an interest in. Looking back at the number of times I re-arranged my bedroom, painted my walls, or changed my window coverings is probably a tell-tale sign. 

How do you tackle the design process? 

Getting to know and understand my client is always a must when beginning a new selection.  

Each client can be very different depending on what styles, colours & trends they might be interested in. 
I always start at the front door, by doing this, it allows the client to move through the home and visualise it as if they’ve already moved in. 

What do you love about your job? 

The joy & gratitude my clients have when they realise, they’ve just completed their tile selection for their brand-new home!  

For some clients it can be very difficult, my job is to make the experience exciting and easy for them.  When they finally see their home pieced together, it’s a very rewarding feeling.  

What tile designs really get your heart racing? 

I love tiles! But for me, it’s timber that gets my heart pumping.  

The natural, calm, simple yet elegant finish of the most beautiful Australian Hardwoods can introduce such character and personality to a home. No matter what style home – there’s always a timber that can compliment a space.  

Tell us about your favourite selection?  

My favourite selection to date was for a display home. It’s essential that display homes are powerful statements, or their purpose becomes non-existent.  This means bold & strong, while also appealing to the new home market. It’s a tricky balance to achieve, and I am very proud that I was apart of the selection process for that display home.  

What colour trends are you seeing when it comes to tile and flooring? 

This one is tricky. We service such a large area at Albion Park, from the Illawarra to the South Coast, all the way across to the Southern Highlands. Each region has different trends. The highlands are cold, so we’re seeing a lot of timber floors throughout those homes. The South Coast is a holiday mecca, and the Hamptons Style is very big in that region. It’ great to be able to work with such different locations and homes.   

If you could makeover your own kitchen, what would it look like? 

I imagine a lightly stained Oak timber floor throughout the home. In the kitchen I’d incorporate a light stone benchtop, white cabinetry, natural stone splashback and I would go bold with the kitchen sink mixer. I would also create space by adding a spacious butler’s pantry and an island bench to make the kitchen the centre piece of the living space.