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With Design Expert Sarah Stephenson.

Which window coverings?

You’ve chosen your tiles, carpet, and flooring but what about your windows? THYNK studio has a variety of beautiful coverings available but which one is the right one for your new home? Well here are some tips to help make the right decision easier!


Simple and affordable, roller blinds are traditionally one of the most popular choice. Choose from blockout blinds which are great for bedrooms, the softness of light filtering blinds or sunscreen blinds which block UV rays so obviously great for those sunny spots. You can opt for plain, textured, or patterned fabrics. Our design experts will be able to discuss the options as part of the overall selections process, so you can be sure that your choice works with your tiles, carpet, and overall colour scheme.

Double roller blinds are two layers of roller blinds on a single bracket and most commonly used to provide the option of blockout or just light filtering so you can enjoy the view but still have some day-time privacy. 

The simplicity of roller blinds means they are great options for smaller spaces where you’d prefer not to make a statement with the window coverings and focus the design accent somewhere else.

These days Venetians are available in a variety of different materials and are more contemporary than you may think. Classic timber blinds are the perfect fit for a tropical or global-style interior whilst aluminium looks great in sleek, modern design.

Rather than the horizontal opening and closing of a venetian, vertical blinds stack behind each other, to the side, when they open. They’re easy to keep clean and are great for doors as well as windows.


Curtains are a great option to enhance aesthetics as well as provide functionality. Sheer, floaty fabrics add a soft, breezy vibe, diffuse the light whilst lined, blockout curtains are great insulators.

With the Hamptons look so popular these days, Plantation shutters are very appealing to many of us. These shutters provide a sleek, luxe, and timeless look.

How do I choose the right window covering?

1. Let us help you decide on your style

Some window treatments are better suited to certain interior styles than others. Our design experts can help you define the look you’re going for narrow down the window treatment that suits you best.

2. Let’s nail that colour scheme

Our showroom appointments are all about getting the perfect scheme for your home through texture, pattern, and colour. It really is the perfect time to discuss your window coverings so you can rest knowing your home is cohesive in its interior design.

plantation shutters
3. We can help with the finer details

Once we’ve decided on the window covering along with the colour and finish, it’s time to make all the small decisions that can have a big impact — face mounted or recessed; left or right control; chain, cord, cordless or wand control; track colour; base rail colour… luckily our design experts are here to help you with the nitty gritty.

4. Let us do the rest

The beauty of choosing your window coverings at the same time as your tiles and floorings means not only does your whole look tie together, but we’re able to use your plans to measure and estimate on the spot. Then we can order, supply, and install, so when you turn the key in the lock for the first time, your house already looks like the beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of.